Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kitchen Design

Now that it seems the kitchen re-do may be in the near future, rather than the distant future, I've been trying to nail down some specifics on what I want. Here is my inspiration file for now.
First up I just got a pair of almost these exact um thingies (what do you call these?) to support the extension of granite I want to do on the island. I already knew I wanted these and when my father in law offered them to me in a garage clean out I happily swooped them up.

Two things in this photo are inspiring to me. One is the skinny wine rack wall divider. I'm wondering if I can somehow incorporate that into the new design. This picture falls into my lighting category too. I love lanterns and the one above in particular. We have canned recessed lighting right now but I would like to have something hung above the island- size will be a consideration though since it's a small island in a pretty small kitchen. Also, I am in love with the floors. However, I don't think it will work for me since my kitchen adjoins my dining room that connects to the hall. Currently it is carpeted (with the kitchen in linoleum) but eventually I would like to have wood flooring throughout. The husband disagrees with the practicality of wood flooring in the kitchen, but I am not sure if the above floor is really a compromise.
Above is my paint color inspiration. In the photo the lower cabinet's are Farrow and Ball's "Mouse's Back". I ordered a sample from them to try to match, since their paint is $125 a gallon. Not happening.
I am planning on doing the upper cabinets in white, but I'm wondering what color white, as silly as that sounds. Which brings me to the next photo. (But also note the WOOD floors above- just sayin)

I would like some of the doors to be glass and some not to be. I like the style of these cabinet doors and also the ones in the second photo. Also, there is a big gap between the top of the fridge and the cabinet, and it just looks awkward in general. I would really like to try to re-arrange that space if possible to get a better cohesion to the area.
Next up, range hoods and backsplashes. I'm pretty set on white subway tile in the backsplash department. I think it's classic, clean, and will add good resale value in the future. The range hood is a problem because the circular pipe on top of our range hood goes through the cabinet above it to the attic. Not really sure of the logistics in this area to change it.

 Lastly, I think, is that I would like a space in the kitchen for my cookbooks and some extra counter space. There is a blank wall in the kitchen that could be a great space for some extra cabinets and countertop.
I believe that is the end of the wishlist. I suppose it would be helpful if I took some pictures of the current state of things, which might help with suggestions or comments. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!!

Holiday Silver

How gorgeous is this picture from the second issue of Rue Magazine? I love the tufted silver chair and the silver tea table is perfect. On closer inspection, I also noticed the coordinating lavender pillow, books, and flowers. The perfect place for an afternoon read with a cup of tea, or glass of champagne, whichever suits you.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Holiday Table Decor

Unfortunately the batteries died on my camera after taking only one picture, but here is my dining room before our Halloween party. It's hard to see, but there is skull and spider confetti on the table. Hope everyone else had a great Halloween also!

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, so here's my current table setting.

And at long last, the sarch for the bar cart has ended. I found this cute little cart at an antique store for $20. It has a neat map painted on the top glass. I need to get another piece of glass cut for the bottom tier, so it is more functional, but overall I am very pleased. On top of the cart is a champagne bucket I scored at another antique store for $10 and a little brass tray from a thrift store that I spraypainted white.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Backsplash Tile

How pretty is this beveled Arabesque backsplash? It's from Mission Stone & Tile in Nashville.
Here's a closer look.
I'm planning on submitting a price quote after I calculate square footage, so let's hope it is reasonable.
Well I'm off to paint the bedroom this weekend so I should have before and after pictures soon. Have a lovely weekend!

Monday, October 18, 2010

An Addiction

Well, I have a confession to make. I have an addiction. It is chairs. You may laugh, but it's a serious problem. And, like a junkie, I have done it again and committed to buy a chair I just found on craigslist. I can't back out now (step one rationalize) because that would be rude to the seller. It's a great price and it will look good with the brown sofas and chairs already in the living room. Now I'm beginning to wonder if the style will fly with someone else who will hopefully not see this before I can kidnap him into picking up this chair with me.
What are your thoughts on the chair? Too modern to go with a traditional look that I'm trying to achieve?

My ultimate living room belongs to Kyle of Knight Moves (you need to check out her house if you haven't yet).

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Thursday!

How gorgeous is this bathroom from designer Lee Ann Thornton? I am in love with the mirror. It resembles this mirror below.....Is it the same one? And where can I get it?

Although impractical, it appeals to me to use a beautiful mirror in a bathroom rather than a medicine cabinet. The wallpaper is also gorgeous! Does anyone know the manufacturer? And don't even get me started on the sconce....

On an unrelated subject, isn't this what everyone wears while strolling through the market?

Well I'm off for an early weekend camping trip tomorrow .....Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Haute Look Ghost Chair Sale!

Today (a timed sale site, similar to One Kings Lane) is having a sale on the Modern Classics line. They have a ghost chair for $135.00!!!! I'm sure this will go fast so if you want one, sign up now for free at this link and grab one. Shipping is only $24.95 which seems very reasonable for an item of this size.

The actual Philip Starck Louis ghost chair retails for $410 here. The HauteLook chair appears to be a very good reproduction...the color seems slightly different, but I think that's just the picture I copied.
I won't inundate you with pictures of the ghost chair in different settings, but I love the ethereal quality it brings to a room and how it works well in small spaces- lessing visual clutter. What are your thoughts on the ghost chair? Love them or hate them?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nightstand Do It Yourself

I had been on the lookout for nightstands for a while. While there were many styles out there that I liked, none fit my budget criteria. Since I wasn't willing to pay $100 per nightstand, I started stalking craigslist for some cheap ones needing a facelift. It wasn't too long before I found them.....$40 for two dark purple extremely ugly nightstands.

First they had to be sanded to remove all the latex paint. This was the most time consuming part of the process. I recruited my husband for this, who used a sander, sand paper, and a dremel tool over the course of many hours to finally get all the paint off.
Then we were ready to prime and paint.

After one coat of primer and a couple coats of paint, they were ready for new hardware. Here is the finished product.

I also lined the drawers with some fabric left over from my chair upholstery project. Now I wish we had painted the inside of the drawers too because this brown bugs me. Not bad overall for only $40, paint & supplies we already had, and labor. Here's the finished product in the bedroom.
Please ignore the glowing-eyed cat in the photo. Since this was taken the window trim has been painted white and I got the matching shams for the bed. I have plans to raise the headboard and paint it white. The walls are going to be grey. The lampshades will also be changed out. Still a work in progress! Comments and suggestions for improvement are always welcome. :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wish List

Some beautiful things currently on my wishlist that may interest you as well!

This perfect, gorgeous Maharajah Stripe Tile that I desperately want for my kitchen. The fact that the price isn't listed is not a good sign. The website doesn't list retailers, so I'm not sure how to find it locally....
This adorable Blacklight Blouse from Anthropologie. Dots, Ribbon, detailed top...enough said.

Adorable forget me knot ring from Fred Flare....
Sea Urchin Bud vases that are out of stock!
These preserved boxwood topiaries for the house. I would actually like one minus the vase to put under a glass cloche I have that looks sadly empty.
These beautiful gold earrings
and I am DYING for this orange cashmere throw from One Kings Lane, on sale today, but sadly for $999

Happy shopping to anyone who may be purchasing some of these lovely items, but FYI if you get the cashmere throw you are required to lease it to me every other weekend. It may be returned with pet fur and champagne spills- fair warning.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Ideas for fall decorating.....the problems I find with these photos are 1) I don't have a mantel or fireplace 2) I don't have a barn to display 20 pumpkins in 3) if I put glass lanterns on my front porch my husband would definitely kick and break them 4) I don't have a picture of a creepy old man and 5) I don't have thousands to spend at Pottery Barn.
This is very sad indeed. Thanks for inspiring me Martha....then quickly deflating my hopes Pottery Barn.

What are you doing to decorate for the season??

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wish List- Bar Cart

So I have been on the hunt lately for a bar cart. I have the perfect place for one in the dining room. The problem is finding something suitable and not paying an arm and a leg for it. For example, here is my ultimate bar cart from Restoration Hardware. It says sold out on their website, but I can't imagine how that could be when it was over $800!!!!

I have scoured craigslist and ebay, thinking that even if I could find an old brass one, I could fix it up. No such luck.

Here is a cute option for between two chairs, but not practical for the space I'm wanting to use it in.
This bar car above is pretty much exactly what I want also. Two shelves, glass, metal, although I can do without the waitress statue.
Maybe my best bet is antique stores/yard sales.

Any suggestions for bar cart sources out there??

Meanwhile here are a few more gorgeous ways to display your liquor! :)