Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kitchen Quandry

Today I'm focusing on kitchens, since we're in the process of re-doing ours. I'll post pictures tomorrow of what I'm working with, but for now, I can browse these drool-worthy kitchen images for inspiration.

This is a great example of what I love in a kitchen. The clean white cabinets, the touch of glamour with the chandeliers, and the mosaic backsplash. Notice how the stools are a weathered off white against the bright clean white of the cabinets. Somehow this still works...perhaps because it's reflected in the backsplash.

Next we have a kitchen with green cabinets. I like this look, however I think I would tire of it quickly and want a change. I am torn with liking the open shelving. What do you think? Cluttered or fresh?

Now here is a kitchen that looks more real to me, less staged and has a more attainable look. I love the cornice detail on the island and the pop of color with the lemon centerpiece. I am not crazy about the light fixture or the roosters & fake plants atop the cabinets, but it is definitely popular. I can't tell you how many kitchens I have seen with the same scheme.

Lastly, my ideal kitchen. It isn't huge, and it incorporates a sitting/reading area off to the side, versus the typical kitchen table. I like the fact that it seems most meals would be eaten in the dining room. I think it makes you take a little more time and enjoy your dinner and the company. Although impractical, I love the candlelit light fixture. I have been searching everywhere for small potted boxwoods or moss balls such as those atop the chest in this photo, with no luck. I am crazy for this print on the wall. I have found out from the designer that it was a custom made wall-covering; sad news for me.

So, which kitchen style do you like best? White cabinets or something with a little more color? Contemporary furnishings with a switched-up layout or the traditional breakfast bar?

I would love to hear from your thoughts.

Image credits: #1-unknown #2 unknown #3 unknown #4 Jennifer Dyer of Jeneration Interiors via La Dolce Vita blog

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