Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Victory is Mine

I bought a chair exactly like this one above this past weekend at a yard sale. (Side Note: Actually at the world's longest yardsale which was a huge letdown. Shame on Martha Stewart, Southern Living, and HGTV for getting my hopes up!) http://www.127sale.com/
I plan on painting it white and reupholstering, although not in purple. Some fabrics up for consideration.....

So far I am leaning towards the third one, which is from Designer's Guild in the Morskaya design.
It reminds me of the gorgeous chairs in the dining room of my Caldwell Flake post. I love how the blue velvet just pops against the neutral background. I found some Chiang Mai dragon fabric on Ebay here but it's $95 plus shipping. I also found some Kravet fabrics I like. Decisions, decisions. 
Before and after pictures coming!

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