Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Ideas for fall decorating.....the problems I find with these photos are 1) I don't have a mantel or fireplace 2) I don't have a barn to display 20 pumpkins in 3) if I put glass lanterns on my front porch my husband would definitely kick and break them 4) I don't have a picture of a creepy old man and 5) I don't have thousands to spend at Pottery Barn.
This is very sad indeed. Thanks for inspiring me Martha....then quickly deflating my hopes Pottery Barn.

What are you doing to decorate for the season??


  1. You should check out etsy! There are tons of Halloween deocorations out there for a lot less than pottery barn. I LOVE Halloween decorations! I've always wanted to create a cemetery in my front yard. :)

  2. Thanks Becky- I'll check it out, didn't even think of that! :) I'll have to post pictures after my shopping spree... :)